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ComicTrek.NET Rewards FAQ

  • What is ComicTrek.Net Rewards?
    ComicTrek.Net Rewards is a rewards system that we've implemented for all ComicTrek.Net customers.
  • How do I earn ComicTrek.Net Rewards?
    Every time you make a purchase, you'll receive a credit of 2.5% back in the form of a coupon code to use on a future purchase. We will provide you with your unique coupon code as part of our shipment notification e-mail.
  • How do I redeem or use ComicTrek.Net Rewards?
    Redeeming your ComicTrek.Net Rewards is easy! During Checkout, you just need to enter your coupon code in the Coupon field. Your coupon will be applied and the shopping card will be automatically updated with your discount amount.
  • Are you funding ComicTrek.Net Rewards by raising prices?
    The Rewards program is not funded by raising our prices. On the contrary, our prices here on our main web-site have always been lower than in our former eBay store. By closing our eBay store and removing the overhead associated with rising eBay fees, we are able to maintain these lower prices and provide a reward system for our loyal customers.
  • Do ComicTrek.Net Rewards expire?
    Yes, CTN Rewards expire 1 year after your last purchase.
  • I've lost my coupon code. How do I get it?
    Please send an e-mail to support@comictrek.net to request your lost coupon code.
  • What is the ComicTrek.NET Rewards Deal of the Day?

    The ComicTrek.NET REWARDS Deal of the Day is a new offer tied into another new program, ComicTrek.Net Rewards.

    Under the standard ComicTrek.NET Rewards program, customers earn a 2.5% credit reward on their purchases toward future purchases. The credit is redeemed via a coupon code entered during Checkout.

    With the ComicTrek.NET Rewards Deal of the Day, we offer an even greater deal on our Rewards program! Instead of the standard 2.5% credit, the Deal of the Day will offer a BIGGER, upgraded Reward on the purchase. The upgraded reward could be a flat dollar amount or a higher percentage, depending on the item and the deal offered.

    The Deal of the Day will appear at various times throughout the week. The merchandise will vary between our product lines. The deal will be limited to a certain quantity or a certain time, depending upon availability. In some cases, we will be able to offer multiple lots, but others may be limited to just one. Be sure to check back on a regular basis to make sure you don't miss out!

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